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Solar Payback - the good, the bad and the ugly.

The question we get asked the most is "What is the payback?" This email was sent to explain what the payback of a normal residential system os for solar water heating and for solar PV systems.

End of the ecoENERGY Grant & CSA "list"

Are you looking for solar water heating collectors? are you looking for a "CSA certified collector". You should read this before purchasing.

Don't Panic, The Disaster is Over!

Its All About Risk Management!

Commercial Solar Systems - ecoENERGY Grant Update

The ecoENERGY Grant is ending very soon. As of yet the Government of Canada has not decided if this will be replaced.

Peak Oil, The Global Financial Crisis and Inflation - Why Energy Prices will Rise

Peak Oil and the global financial crisis are all linked. The current bail out of companies, banks and countries by central bank around the world will all result in rising prices for everyone, including energy.

Archive - The True Cost of Gas

What is the real payback on Solar, how much do you pay for your natural gas. What are the hidden costs?

Archive - The Bubble Action Pump

Do you want a pump with no moving parts, that uses no electricity? Virtually no maintenance at a reasonable price? Read about the Bubble Pump?

Archive - Solar Energy & Power

How much heat do solar collectors produce, how do you calculate it?

Archive - Solar Introduction

How good is solar in Canada, some guide lines to various locations in Canada.

ecoENERGY Retrofit Program - Important Changes

Changes to the Government ecoENERGY incentive program.