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Solar Design and Engineering can often eat up most of the return on commercial renewable energy programs. This is not the case with our Pre-Engineered Commercial Solar Heating Package. These packages have been designed to provide the highest returns for business! The pre-packages system also greatly reduces the time and cost of the installation.

As with our residential solar water heaters, all commercial solar heating systems are offered as pre-engineered system packages.  We have taken each component of our solar water heating system; form pumps, collectors, piping and storage tanks and have had them modeled by Swiss Engineering Company Vela Solaris AG, using PolySun Solar Simulation Software. This allows us to quickly model any one of our pre-designed commercial solar water heaters. The accuracy of the PolySun Solar is unprecedented and is considered the world leader in solar system design.

We give work with our customers directly gathering the information needed to produce an accurate simulation report that can show the expected energy produced by each of our systems in any geographic location in the world. By using GPS coordinates we can gain all the information such as historic average temperature, solar radiation levels, soil temperature and even average wind speeds. This allows us to simulate results with accuracies as close as 5%.

Geographic Location

Geographic Location

What we require a few simple variables to provide you with a solar commercial water heater design

    1. Estimated Hot water demand – How much hot water is used daily
    2. What is the design temperature of the water?  i.e. how hot does it need to be
    3. Where is the building or project located?
    4. How the system is currently heated?
    5. Is there any storage tanks in the current system?
    6. Potential location of the collectors?  Does it face south, south-west, and south-east?
    7. Energy costs - what is the current energy cost

With this information we can design a system that will integrate with your exiting hot water system. 

We will then produce a detailed report that will cover all the important data that is needed to decide whether solar thermal is a proper fit for your business. We will show you payback estimates based on today’s energy cost as well as projected cost. We will also show you how the system will integrate into your existing hot water system. We can get into details such as output temperatures at certain times of the day or seasonal contributions.

While our systems are based on pre-packaged and pre-engineered commercial solar heating systems, we also have the ability to engineer any solar heating design so that we ensure the maximum performance and reliability!

Example of a Page in our Report

Example of a Page in our Report


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