Doug S - Calgary Alberta

From Doug S. - SE Calgary

System: 3 x 30 tube collectors, 80 Gallon Tank
For the last 3 and a half weeks (May 2011) we have had the panels run the tank up to 75 C but usually average 50-60 Deg C- range.

One of the reasons for this we have 2 adult children with us and the 2 washers and 2 dishwashers are set on hot water, and for this reason the tank is getting a lot of use.......I am sure when the kids leave we will have a huge surplus of hot water.

I have also lowered my on demand hot water heater to 110 Fahrenheit from 120 which it was set at all winter
because it doesn’t make sense for it to kick in so often ...until the hot water gets from the tank to the heater
We are still experimenting as you can see...but the gas consumption has dropped 66% with this system.....pretty cool.......
My gas bill this May (May 2011) ---used 4 GJ Gas, last month total bill 55 dollars. Last May ( May 2010) we used 9 gigs-----same furnaces.