Northern Lights Solar Solutions Acquires Latitude 51 Solar


nlssNorthern Lights Solar Solutions (NLSS) has completed a partnership deal with Canadian based Latitude 51 Solar. This partnership will allow Latitude 51 to continue its Canadian distribution of the Northern Lights Solar Thermal products. The partnership will ensure that Northern Lights continues to become North America's largest supplier of solar heating products. Currently Northern Lights is the exclusive North American Distributor of SunRain Energy, the world's largest manufacture of solar vacuum tubes. (SunRain OEM's for the US based SunMaxx Solar). This will now allow Latitude 51 to provide aftermarket parts and service to any previous customer of the US based SunMaxx.

"Latitude 51 has been able to expand Canada's thermal market which we expect to grow even more in the next couple years as the government policy switches in favor of Greener Energy Solutions" says Dan Jung President and CEO of Northern Lights. "I believe the Norther Lights/Latitude 51 Partnership will benefit the consumer as we can leverage better pricing and provide a higher level of service"

Formally based out of Alberta the merger will centralize the production and warehousing to NLSS headquarters in Winnipeg, MB. For more info contact us 1 800 317 9045

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