Installing a Solar Pool Heater

Our solar pool heaters use high temperature solar vacuum tubes to transfer the sun's energy to the pool water. Unlike other solar pool heaters that circulate the water directly through their collectors, our systems transfer the energy indirectly through a stainless steel or titanium heat exchanger. This has the advantage that the chlorine from the pool never reaches the solar collector thereby preventing any chemical damage that occurs when using chlorine or salt water chlorinated pool

Our systems come in a complete package with everything you will need to successfully install your solar pool water heater. Detailed instructions walk you through step by step to ensure you project will be a complete success. The solar pool package come in 5 sizes each size is based on the number of collectors supplied (SPH-1, SPH-2, SPH-3, SPH-4, SPH-5)

What is include?

  • SunRain TZ58 1800 30R Vacuum Tube Collectors
  • Roof mount brackets
  • 100 ft stainless steel Aurora Flex solar piping 5/8" with 3/4" high temp EPDM insulation plus sensor wire
  • Pump Station with fill drain valves, temp gauge, pressure release, glass flow meter, Wilo Star 16 3 speed pump
  • Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger SP-300
  • Solar Expansion tank - high temp rated
  • Spirotech Air Vent
  • Fill Drain Positive Displacement drill pump
  • Solar Controller with 2 relay outputs and 4 temp sensors
  • All quick assembly brass fittings

The systems are very easy to install. The collectors are positioned on a south facing roof line, wall or ground mounted. A solar pump station moves the heating fluid from the collector to the heat exchanger when there is positive energy to be had (heating fluid is hotter than pool water). This process is fully automated and controlled by a ReSol AL solar controller. When the collectors cool down the controller will shut down the pump until more heat energy is available.

The Heat exchanger is installed in line in the pool filter system and always before a heater if one is present as in the diagram below.

Heat exchanger

Heat exchanger

The solar controller has two sensors one is located inside the last collector in series (hottest collector) and the other gets attached to the pool piping before the heater. In this way the system is able to decide when to start and stop the pump so that it will maximize the energy flow to the pool water.

Titanium Heat Exchangers for Salt Water Pools

Titanium Heat Exchangers for Salt Water Pools

When using salt water sanitization it is important to request a titanium solar pool heat exchanger rather than a stainless steel version. Unlike stainless steel, the titanium is impervious to salt and will have a much longer life expectancy. Highly chlorinated pools such as public pools should also use titanium for longer life.
Stainless Steel Aurora Flex Piping

Stainless Steel Aurora Flex Piping

The heat exchanger and solar collectors are connected together by Aurora Flex Twin Piping. This flexible stainless steel piping is very easy to install and requires no soldering. The quick connection fittings a high temperature ceramic gaskets that form a permanent leak free connection. This piping comes complete with high temperature EPDM insulating foam and weather proof covering. Also included is a pre-installed wire for the sensors. The Aurora Flex makes installing any solar pool heater much quicker and guarantees a leak Free Installation!

Automatic Solar Air Vent

Automatic Solar Air Vent

Our solar pool packages come with a SpiroTech Automatic Solar Air Vent. This air vent is attached at the highest point in the system and will automatically remove any air that may form within the closed loop. This is great for any roof top installations as there is no need to go up on the roof to bleed the solar system. The SpiroTech Solar Vent is rated to 360 F, and should the solar pool system over heat, the auto vent will shut off at 180 F there by only releasing air and never steam.
ReSol AL solar Differential controller

ReSol AL solar Differential controller

The AL solar controller is an easy to use differential solar controller that works with a single relay control to turn on or off the solar pump. The system has many built in features such as over heat protection and holiday mood that can be used to help cool the pool should it get too hot. The system comes with the standard VBus connection to attach a DL2 Data Logger allowing users to remotely monitor the performance of their solar pool heating system. Energy metering is also a standard function that allows the system to calculate the energy savings that the solar system is providing.
Pump Station

Pump Station

The pump station is the mechanical heart of our solar pool heating system. A 3-speed Wilo Star16 pump controls the flow of the heating fluid in the solar pool heater. The pump station also has many other control functions such as manual temperature gauge and pressure meter for accurately reading the system performance. A glass flow meter allows the user to accurately calculate and set the flow rate of the system. Fill and drain valves are also present to allow easy charging of the solar system for the initial fill and commissioning.

Solar Pool Heater Pump Station

Solar Pool Heater Pump Station

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