Swimming Pool with Solar
Swimming Pool with Solar
Swimming Pool with Solar

Heat your swimming pool with solar even in Canadian Winters.... These 4 collectors heat a 38 x 18 foot pool from 62 Deg F to over 85 Deg F by end of may in Ontario. The excess heat then goes to heat the hot tub.

Solar Multiple Collectors
Solar Multiple Collectors
Solar Multiple Collectors

Multiple collectors can be added together to meet your home or business hot water needs.

Solar Water Heating
Solar Water Heating
Solar Car

Solar Car washes are the perfect application for solar water heating. Everyone washes their cars on a nice day..... You could turn off your commercial gas for 6 months of the year!!!

Simulation Reports
Simulation Reports
Simulation Reports

Free Simulation Reports and Free Design. Find out just how much our solar thermal systems can save you!

Evacuated Tubes
Evacuated Tubes
Evacuated Tubes

Evacuated tubes will still produce hot water even when it is -40 Deg C outside! Ideal for solar space heating in the winter.

Design Idea

Residential Solar Water Heating

Solar Water Heaters are an ideal way to save on your domestic hot water heating bill and can also be integrated with any hydronic heating systems such as radiant floor tubing to help reduce your homes heating cost by as much as 60% in the winter.

Design Idea

Commercial Solar Water Heating

For Car Washes, Laundromats, Pools, Hotels, or any other larger hot water consuming business. We help with the complete project design and this includes online monitoring to ensure the system is always optimized.

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Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating in Canada and Northern USA with solar vacuum tubes has many advantage. Regular solar pool heaters only heat on sunny warm days. Maximize your pool season with our solar pool water heaters for indoor or outdoor pools.

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Contractors & Installers

We aim to provide the best solar water heating equipment at the best possible price. If you are a contractor or company and wish to install or sell our solar water heating systems then we can work together to help you with the design and installation of any size system from small residential to large commercial water heating projects.

Solar Thermal in the News

Watch Solar Water Heating Video

Watch this great video on solar water heating systems.


Live Monitoring

See a solar hot water system in Calgary and Vancouver here.

Photo Gallery

Image of some Residential and Commercial Solar Water Heating projects.

Online Store

Buy solar systems for DIY install, prices and technical details can be found here.

Solar Heating Design Layouts

See some of our most popular Pre-Engineer Solar Water Heating Packages available for domestic hot water, space heating and pools.

SolarWater Heaters

Solar water heaters have been used for over 100 years and the 1st set of solar water heater were commercially available in before the 1900’s. Residential solar water heating systems were basic black tanks placed on top of the roof. The black paint absorbs the sunlight and heats up the water in the tank. The concept today is evolved to a much great level of technology and temperatures reaching 400 F are possible. However, the basic principle of solar water heating is the same. The sun’s radiation is absorbed and transferred to the water directly or indirectly through a heating fluid and a heat exchanger’s loop.

Modern day solar heating is now possible in almost any temperature or climate with the introduction of vacuum tube solar water collectors. The vacuum tubes are like a thermos and as such loose less than 3% off the heat they capture. This means solar water heaters can provide water heating year-round regardless of the outdoor temperature. The evacuated tubes are also able to deliver high temperature water for commercial solar heating and industrial use which has greatly evolved the way solar energy is being used.

Solar Water Heater

In North America most people know solar water heating in the form of solar pool heaters. These black plastic mats sit on the roof of houses and provide free energy for pool owners. However, they are limited in their capacity. Modern High-Performance solar water heaters can be used to provide both pool heat in the summer and space heating in the winter. The popularity of solar heating has tripled in the last decade with states such as Hawaii mandating solar water heaters on all new home construction.

Traditional Photo Voltaic panels capture about 15% of the solar energy whereby modern day solar vacuum tubes can capture 60-80% of the energy. This makes solar thermal much more efficient when heat energy is required such as home heating, domestic hot water and pool and hot tubs.

Solar Thermal energy
Solar Thermal energy is also used to create electricity by creating high temperature steam that drives turbines. The largest solar power plant in the world uses solar thermal energy to generate 392 MW of power. The Ivanpah Solar Thermal plant is located in the Mojave Desert uses concentrated mirrors to reflect the sun’s energy to large heating towers providing thermal energy to create supper steam to drive the turbines.

A major advantage of solar thermal energy is that it can be easily stored for use as needed. This is done by using highly insulated solar hot water tanks to store the energy. The energy can then be pulled out during the evenings or as needed. Unlike solar PV there are no costly batteries, charge controllers or inverters that that are needed, just a simple solar  water tank is all that is used.   

For homeowners and commercial businesses that want to save money and invest in Green Energy, solar thermal water heater systems are more practical to provide direct heat energy than using Photo Voltaic energy to create heat. A home owner can buy a simple solar domestic hot water heater for as little as $3000. The investment also is eligible for tax incentives that in some states in the US can be as high as 80% of the cost. This make solar water heating an ideal investment with great returns for residential and commercial heating applications.

One of the 1st solar commercial water comapanies

SolarRebates in the USA

"Solar Vacuum tubes Qualify for 30% Federal Tax credit in USA. find out more..."

SolarWater Heating Articles

This article describes a home built by someone in Big Bar Lake in BC.  Approx 200 kms NW from Kamloops.  The home owner planned right from the start to try and heat the house with solar water Heating.  
When trying to incorporate any renewable energy project into ...

All solar collectors, evacuated tubes, flat plate collectors and un-glazed pool heaters have different efficiencies. This is why no one can say Evacuated tubes are always better than flat plate collectors. It depends on their application.

Calculating collector efficiency is complicated...

A solar tank is a critical part of your solar hot water system.  The type and size of solar tank you need is often a poorly understood part of a system, mainly because there are so many variables to it.
Many systems installed by companies often attached a small box of tricks to the side...

Are you looking at buying "CSA approved solar collectors". This article explains what is now in place in Canada with regard to Solar Water Heating.

The end of the ecoENERGY program.
The residential and commercial ecoENERGY incentive programs are ending soon, 31st March is the...

In this email we will cover these topics.

If you are looking to install a solar water heating system you are most likely wanting to know how the grants work and what you need to get them.
Explaining what the new F379 is and what it does for you. This will give you some valuable information...

One 30 tube panel should be sufficient for a house with 3 people (aprox 10 tubes per person, should provide 30% to 60% of the total yearly hot water. This will be aprox 100% in the summer and 30% or less in the winter.

The 30 tube panel is suggested with cylinders up to 260 liters...

When you insulate the pipe work to and from the collector. Make sure you use insulation that will resist the high temperatures. The pipe work can reach very high temperatures and normal insulation is likely to melt. The flexible stainless steel pipe comes pre insulated with high temperature insulation....

Very little maintenance is required for solar water heating systems. You should occasionally check the system pressure, to make sure there has been no water loss, and to check for any air in the system. The only other requirement is to ensure that there is an electricity supply connected at all times,...

"I've read somewhere that evacuated tubes collectors get covered in snow but Flat plate collectors don't"....

Don't believe the hype... both types of collectors, evacuated tube and flat plates will at some point collect snow in winter. If you have a few days of snow that will make both...

History of solar collectors and how they work.

Obviously solar energy comes from the sun, but how do we capture it.

Back in about 1767 a scientist Horace de Saussure created the worlds first Solar Oven. This consisted of 3 layers of glass surrounding a well insulated box. Sunlight...

What is solar water heating and how does it work?

This is a question that gets asked a lot. This article will hopefully give you some basic information about solar water heating systems and what they can, and cannot do for you.

In a nutshell we use a very simple technology to heat...

In Canada because of the huge demands for winter heating, solar heating can be very costly. that's not to say it cant be done, just don't expect it to cost less than a $1000 gas furnace or normal natural gas hot water boiler!

It really all depends where you live. Obviously heating a garage in Vancouver is much easier than in Alberta....

Why would you buy Latitude51 Solar collectors? It a simple question, we will highlight a few points we think you should consider.

Solar Collector Size and Power Output

They are large (over 4.6m2) powerful collectors, although they are priced very low and they are imported, they are not "cheap...

When you read the endless sites that profess how much better one type of collectors is better than another you need to learn how to compare the performance of various solar collectors for yourself.

This applies not just to the Flat plate vs evacuated tube debate, but also to any other solar...

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