The solar heating system drawings show examples of varios heating design configurations.  Each solar water heating design is available as a complete DIY kit.  Each desing is pre energineered for maximum performance and saftey.   You can use Multiple Evacuated Tube Collectors to expand the systems.   All designes use  RESOL Solar Pump Stations and controllers to manage the system.  

These desings are provided to give you ideas on the different ways the collectors can be plumbed into the building. You are free to use these drawings or to modify the layouts as you see fit, however you should always ensure all current codes in your area are followed and to endure any of these layouts is fit for your situation to ensure a safe installation. We provide FREE of charge desing service for solar residential and solar commercial heating systems.  Contact us at 1 800 317 9054.

Solar Pool Heating Layout

Solar Water Heater with External Heat Exchanger

Solar Water Heater with Internal Heat Exchanger

Solar with Infloor Radiant Heating

Solar Water Heating + Infloor Heating

Solar Hot Water + Force Air Furnace