Why buy Latitude51 Solar

Why would you buy Latitude51 Solar collectors? It a simple question, we will highlight a few points we think you should consider.

Solar Collector Size and Power Output

They are large (over 4.6m2) powerful collectors, although they are priced very low and they are imported, they are not "cheap imports". We looked long and hard for a collector which had a good track record from the OEM and had a good result (ie high power output) from the test report. See the actual heat of the collectors in Calgary on the live data link.

Make sure you compare the Max Power of any other collectors you find when shopping around. Our Collectors test reports show a max power of 1762 Watts.

To see how our collectors compare with other collectors you are probably looking at... read this article ( it will take a few seconds to load, please be patient).

If you are looking to buy solar hot water heating collectors then you will no doubt by now have been learning about the flat vs evacuated tube debate.

In short they each have their benefits, it just depends on where you live and what the climate is like where you live. The flat vs evacuated tube article will give you some idea on which solar collector will suit you the best.

Solar Collector Price

We offer them at a very attractive price for people close enough to pick them up in person. Visit the store for information on shipping costs.

We have Collectors available in a few different cities to reduce or eliminate any shipping costs.  Please visit the online store for details.

If we get people driving here from both coasts of Canada to pick up the collectors, we must be doing something right!