Solar PV Kits - ON Grid

On Grid Solar PV Kit are the easiest way to turn your house or business into an energy making machine. These complete certified kits contain everything you need to go green. The kits are completely expandable. You can start with 1 Kw system and add onto it any time. The only limit may be the amount of roof space you have. In an On-Grid application you become a small business as you are using your investment in solar PV to create energy which you are then selling back to the utility company. This allows you to write off your investment and generates fast ROI. 

Our Solar PV Systems come with everything you will need to get up and running. For more detailed information on solar PV system visit

What is included FREE of Charge with our Solar On-Grid PV Systems:

  • We will help you size the system including Free panel layout design using our customized software
  • Free Engineered Design Stamp
  • Free remote monitoring with no annual cost
  • We provide you Free of charge an easy to follow line drawing for your electrician to follow
  • On top of these all our packages come with Free Shipping!
  • 25 Year comprehensive warranty to protect your investment
  • Financing is available!