Calgary Zoo - Canada

Latitude51Solar a division of Northern Lights Solar Solutions were chosen to supply the City of Calgary’s Zoo with 16 high performance SunRain TZ58 1800 30R solar vacuum tube collectors. These high performance evacuated tubes were ideal for the water and space heating requirements for the newly renovated ENMAX conservatory. This modern facility houses a complete tropical eco environment complete with Canada’s largest butterfly pavilion.

Solar Pool Heating - Port Elgin Ontario

This article is describing a large outdoor solar heated swimming pool.  As you can read from this story a single 30 tube solar collector is helping maintain the pools heating at a very nice 86 Deg F temperature.  If you are heating a swimming pool with gas / propane or electricity you should seriously start thinking about heating the pool with solar.  The payback on solar pool heating is the best you will get.

Jack W - Cortes Island, BC, Offgrid Solar Set up

Good afternoon,
Our very simple solar water system has been up and running since the end of March. Even on cloudy days it provides more than enough hot water for our needs. We had no previous experience with solar water heating, so put this together in the simplest way.

You supplied the IT300-HP-HX, we hooked up its internal heat exchanger to our existing electric water heater by removing the electric heating elements and adding a manually switched circulating pump.

Wayne Larsen - Big Bar Lake, BC

From Wayne Larsen - Big Bar Lake, BC
System: 4 x 30 evacuated tube solar collectors. The owner built his own house incorporating energy efficient designs and right from the beginning the plan was to incorporate solar hot water space heating into the design.

"Overall I am very pleased with the components supplied by your company and I have to comment on the level of service provided by Peter Ferlow in Vancouver, Peter went above and beyond any level of customer support I expected.. You may use me as a reference and I will be pleased to show off the system to yourself or your clients."

Terry Fenwick, Harwood, Ontario

 Terry Fenwick, Harwood, Ontario
I installed my two 30 tube collector system in late November 2010.

My design goal was to maximize the winter heat gain to help heat water used for radiant floors and my domestic hot water. I have started with two 30 tube collectors set at a 60 degree slope and plan to add two more collectors later this summer. I enlarged and converted an old cedar hot tub into a 220 gallon storage tank with 4 copper heat exchanger coils in it. The tank water is heated by the solar glycol loop and by my ground source heat pump. The other exchanger coils in the tank are for domestic hot water, radiant floor heating and a heat dump coil which will send excess summer heat to my outdoor hot tub. I am using very basic ETCs (Electronic Temperature Controllers) to operate the solar loop pump, domestic hot water recirculation pump and activate the heat pump when the storage tank temperature falls below the required level.

Stuart L - Ottawa

Stuart L - Near Ottawa

I've attached some photos. One is of 2 Latitude51 panels in a neighbour's system. The others are of my system. My heat/hot water system includes a wood boiler and 600 gallon heat storage tank shown in one photo. The tank has three heat transfer coils in it. One coil transfers heat to the tank from the boiler and heat from the tank to the heating system. The second coil heats the domestic hot water. The third coil transfers heat to the tank from the solar collectors.

John Safruk, Wainright, Alberta

I purchased a system last fall from Latitude51 Solar, originally thought I would need a 60 tube setup
but have found the 30 tube works just fine for me and my wife even though we have a tree shading
problem around our yard.
I have an on demand modulating Electric water heater tied into the water coming from
a 40 gallon tank heated by the Sun.

From Mike Holden, Ontario

 From Mike Holden, Ontario
System: 2 x 30 tube collectors, custom install for DHW and space heating.
"The great thing about solar energy, is that it is "free", the downside of solar energy, is that YOU must make a commitment, both financially and in a visionary sense, to make "free" work for you!
Before purchasing 2 systems from Latitude51 Solar, I too, had reservations, about the costs associated with "free", and I too, was unsure about whom to trust and whom to believe, in the event that I chose to foray ahead into the field of capturing the sun's rays, for practical purposes.

George Skeet - High River Alberta

From George Skeet - High River Alberta.

System: 2 x 30 tube collectors, 2 x 70 gallon tanks.

Just a quick note to show we did put the panels we bought from you to work. To date the controller says we have produced 2200 kwh of energy. The controller and panels are working great and the controller made it easy to hook into our floor heating system. If our heat management procedures survives the summer successfully, we will probably be looking at 2 more panels this fall. To that end, do you normally stock the 25 degree panels or would you need lead time to bring some in?

Doug S - Calgary Alberta

From Doug S. - SE Calgary

System: 3 x 30 tube collectors, 80 Gallon Tank
For the last 3 and a half weeks (May 2011) we have had the panels run the tank up to 75 C but usually average 50-60 Deg C- range.

One of the reasons for this we have 2 adult children with us and the 2 washers and 2 dishwashers are set on hot water, and for this reason the tank is getting a lot of use.......I am sure when the kids leave we will have a huge surplus of hot water.

I have also lowered my on demand hot water heater to 110 Fahrenheit from 120 which it was set at all winter
because it doesn’t make sense for it to kick in so often ...until the hot water gets from the tank to the heater
We are still experimenting as you can see...but the gas consumption has dropped 66% with this system.....pretty cool.......
My gas bill this May (May 2011) ---used 4 GJ Gas, last month total bill 55 dollars. Last May ( May 2010) we used 9 gigs-----same furnaces.


Solar Thermal in the News

Watch Solar Water Heating Video

Watch this great video on solar water heating systems.


Live Monitoring

See a solar hot water system in Calgary and Vancouver here.

Photo Gallery

Image of some Residential and Commercial Solar Water Heating projects.

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Buy solar systems for DIY install, prices and technical details can be found here.

Solar Heating Design Layouts

See some of our most popular Pre-Engineer Solar Water Heating Packages available for domestic hot water, space heating and pools.

SolarWater Heating Articles

This article describes a home built by someone in Big Bar Lake in BC.  Approx 200 kms NW from Kamloops.  The home owner planned right from the start to try and heat the house with solar water Heating.  
When trying to incorporate any renewable energy project into ...

All solar collectors, evacuated tubes, flat plate collectors and un-glazed pool heaters have different efficiencies. This is why no one can say Evacuated tubes are always better than flat plate collectors. It depends on their application.

Calculating collector efficiency is complicated...

A solar tank is a critical part of your solar hot water system.  The type and size of solar tank you need is often a poorly understood part of a system, mainly because there are so many variables to it.
Many systems installed by companies often attached a small box of tricks to the side...

Are you looking at buying "CSA approved solar collectors". This article explains what is now in place in Canada with regard to Solar Water Heating.

The end of the ecoENERGY program.
The residential and commercial ecoENERGY incentive programs are ending soon, 31st March is the...

In this email we will cover these topics.

If you are looking to install a solar water heating system you are most likely wanting to know how the grants work and what you need to get them.
Explaining what the new F379 is and what it does for you. This will give you some valuable information...

One 30 tube panel should be sufficient for a house with 3 people (aprox 10 tubes per person, should provide 30% to 60% of the total yearly hot water. This will be aprox 100% in the summer and 30% or less in the winter.

The 30 tube panel is suggested with cylinders up to 260 liters...

When you insulate the pipe work to and from the collector. Make sure you use insulation that will resist the high temperatures. The pipe work can reach very high temperatures and normal insulation is likely to melt. The flexible stainless steel pipe comes pre insulated with high temperature insulation....

Very little maintenance is required for solar water heating systems. You should occasionally check the system pressure, to make sure there has been no water loss, and to check for any air in the system. The only other requirement is to ensure that there is an electricity supply connected at all times,...

"I've read somewhere that evacuated tubes collectors get covered in snow but Flat plate collectors don't"....

Don't believe the hype... both types of collectors, evacuated tube and flat plates will at some point collect snow in winter. If you have a few days of snow that will make both...

History of solar collectors and how they work.

Obviously solar energy comes from the sun, but how do we capture it.

Back in about 1767 a scientist Horace de Saussure created the worlds first Solar Oven. This consisted of 3 layers of glass surrounding a well insulated box. Sunlight...

What is solar water heating and how does it work?

This is a question that gets asked a lot. This article will hopefully give you some basic information about solar water heating systems and what they can, and cannot do for you.

In a nutshell we use a very simple technology to heat...

In Canada because of the huge demands for winter heating, solar heating can be very costly. that's not to say it cant be done, just don't expect it to cost less than a $1000 gas furnace or normal natural gas hot water boiler!

It really all depends where you live. Obviously heating a garage in Vancouver is much easier than in Alberta....

Why would you buy Latitude51 Solar collectors? It a simple question, we will highlight a few points we think you should consider.

Solar Collector Size and Power Output

They are large (over 4.6m2) powerful collectors, although they are priced very low and they are imported, they are not "cheap...

When you read the endless sites that profess how much better one type of collectors is better than another you need to learn how to compare the performance of various solar collectors for yourself.

This applies not just to the Flat plate vs evacuated tube debate, but also to any other solar...

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Calgary Zoo - Canada
Solar Pool Heating - Port Elgin Ontario
Jack W - Cortes Island, BC, Offgrid Solar Set up
Terry Fenwick, Harwood, Ontario
Stuart L - Ottawa
John Safruk, Wainright, Alberta
From Mike Holden, Ontario
George Skeet - High River Alberta
Doug S - Calgary Alberta
Wayne Larsen - Big Bar Lake, BC

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