About Us

Latitude51 Solar Inc.

Solar Water Heating for the Canadian Climate.

Our main warehouse is located centrally in Winnipeg, MB so we can better service the USA and both the Western and Eastern Regions of Canada.

If you would like quotes for installation of solar hot water systems (residential or commercial) then we can put you in touch with our dealer network of experienced solar installers both in Canada and USA. We specialize in supplying solar equipment and design services for commercial and residential solar systems. Our systems are pre-packaged and pre-engineered to allow homeowners and businesses to maximize their investment in solar energy. These DIY solar installation packages allow homeowners or businesses the opportunity to install solar water heaters without previous experience of expensive engineering services.

Our Company sells solar water heating equipment made by Northern Lights Solar Solutions. Northern Lights is the leader in North America when it comes to pre-engineered solar water heaters for home heating and pools and hot tubs. Visit them at https://www.solartubs.com

Our company sells SunRain Brand of high quality Solar Evacuated Tube Collectors. SunRain is the largest supplier of solar vacuum tubes in the world. There is nothing wrong with our competitor's panels. They are just far too expensive when comparing the price to performance ratio. We are the Distribute the SunRain brand for Canada and the USA, however we also service the Caribbean for solar heating projects.

SunRain 30 tube Solar Collectors have the highest performance rating based on SRCC ratings versus all other 30 tube collectors including Apricus, Thermomax and Bosch.

We focus on Evacuated Tube Panels as in Northern Climates found in Canada and the USA these perform much better than any Flat Plate panel we found in these cold climates. Our collectors are certified under both Canada's CSA F378 as well as USA's OG-100 citification program.

Latitude51 Solar was founded by Stefan Varga, whose previous career was running an engineering firm designing Offshore oil and gas wells and supervising the drilling of Offshore operations globally. The company's primary goal is to make solar more affordable. We intentionally have a small profit margin, we are more interested in continuing to reduce our prices as we sell more and more Solar Water Heating Systems and we negotiate better prices with our suppliers.

We do not spend huge amounts of money on advertising. Advertising is costly, we hope you will help promote the use of Solar by recommending this website to your friends. We believe the move to Renewable Energy is not an option, but a necessity. Our only choice is whether we make the change voluntarily or we are forced into it as a result of global warming and increase energy costs.


Unit 20- 305 McKay Ave
Winnipeg, MB
Call: 1-(800) 317-9054

Even if you are not ready to buy a solar system yet, if you leave your name and email with us we occasionally send out vouchers that will give you discounts on this store.