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Solar Pool Heating

Swimming Pools cost a lot of money to Heat. Using our Solar collectors will save you $1000's per year on the Pool heating Costs especially if you want to heat the pool in spring or fall or even winter. These systems can pay back within a couple of pool seasons depending on your local fuel rates.

Please do not confuse these Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors with unglazed solar pool heaters. These evacuated tube pool heaters produce vast amounts more heat than the unglazed types. Unglazed types are made of rubber type material and ONLY work when the ambient temperature is warmer than the pool.

Unglazed pool heaters work amazing in Florida, Hawaii, San Diego, Las Vegas - but not when it is cold!

How do I install a solar pool heating system?

To install a solar pool heating system will require some DIY skill or you can hire a plumbing contractor to do the job for you.  it is not difficult.  The simple layout can be seen in the image below. 


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 solar pool heating system


Solar Incentives to switch to Solar Pool heating.

If you are a hotel or commercial pool and have year round pool use, especially an outdoor pool you need to look at solar pool heating now. Natural Gas prices have risen on average by 12% per year for a decade or more. With the government Incentives now available to help reduce heating costs and save carbon emissions to the environment, now is the time to add Solar Pool heater.

If you are heating your pool with oil, propane or electricity the running costs are huge.


Advantages of Latitude51 Evacuated Tube Solar Pool Heaters

Once you install the Solar Pool heater, the free heat from the sun will heat the pool and can extend the swimming season.

Depending on the number of Panels you buy, the pool can be indoors or outdoors or year round pool. It is just a matter of scaling the system to suit your needs.

Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors - produce heat even on -40 Degree C Days. They work on Solar Radiation, not just sunlight, so even on cloudy and cold days they can produce heat.

If you have an indoor pool the solar will still be heating it when it is -40 Deg C outside !!!!

They do not only work on warm sunny days like normal flat unglazed collectors.  Heaters will only heat the pool when the outside temperature is hotter than the pool is. The Evacuated Tube Collectors will heat the pool even during the depths of winter.

What do solar pool heaters look like?

The tubes are round so the sun strikes each tube at different angles as the sun moves to the efficiency is improved. The round tubes are also better at resisting strong winds than flat collectors are.  They come with a mounting frame to mount onto your roof.

 solar pool heaters

Click picture for larger image and more details


Each 30 Tube Panel will produce different amounts of heat, depending on where you live. This article (How much heat do solar collectors produce), will explain how different collectors produce different amounts of heat depending on where you live.


Advantages of an Evacuated Tube Design

Why Solar Pool Heating is much more cost effective than Heating your house?

When you heat your house you need Pumps and Tanks. Your Pool is your tank and your pool system already has a pump so some of the biggest cost items are not needed for Pool Heating.

The Solar Pool Heating system have no moving parts, only water flows through the header box. These Panels are likely to last in 20 years or so. The vacuum tubes are warranties by the manufacturer for loss of Vacuum for 15 years, even if the vacuum fails the tube still produces heat it is just a bit less efficient.

If one tube gets broken then the panel continues to work, only a single tube needs to be replaced whenever you get chance, the system continues to work. Some types of Vacuum Pool heater have the water flowing through the tubes, if one breaks it is more complicated to replace the tube, sometimes the system needs to be drained down first. You do not have this problem with our Panels (Heat Pipe Design)


How many Solar Pool heaters do you need?

All Pools are different, is it outdoors, indoors, covered, not covered, wind shaded, south facing, above ground / in ground etc? All affect the amount of heat you lose and have to replace by Solar.

Luckily there is a great Program called Retscreen that will calculate all this for any pool. It also depends on where you live, ironically in Alberta there is much more sun than anywhere else in canada hence the Evacuated Tube Collectors work just as efficiently in winter as they do in summer.

As an Example for a 15 ft x 30 ft pool you are likely to need 2 or 3 panels. A lot depends on how much sunlight your pool is exposed to, what shading you get and the heat loss to the pool.

For example, in Ontario, in Oakland, a client installed 4 of our 30 tube collectors on his 36ft x 18 ft indoor pool. Normally the pool was not heated and in May 2010 the pool waqs sitting about 63 def F. The collectors were installed and the pool reached 81 Deg F in about 9 days time.


Solar Hot Tub Heating

Hot Tubs use a huge amount of heat, especially outdoor pools. Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors are particularly good for heating hot tubs as they can produce very hot water in all climates. Even when its -40 degreed C outside they will still be providing heat to your pools.


Solar Pool Heating Links

This article is all about Solar Pool Heating in Canada, produced by Natural Resources Canada.




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