Latitude51 SunRain Solar collectors received the highest rebate of any of the other main suppliers of collectors we looked at under the Canadian ecoENERGY Incentive program. The Canadian Government ecoENERGY program for commercial solar water heating ended in March 2011. This program was set up to promote commercial solar water heating projects in Canada. This Commercial solar incentive program effectively ended 1st OCTOBER 2010. All applications had to be in before this date. There is always a possibility that the government ecoENERGY Grant will be renewed in some form in the future.

With The new Liberal Party in Power in 2016 we expect to see renewed investment from the Federal level in their recent list of election promise to focus on a Greener Canada

Right now, we have no idea if or when this will happen. Please leave your contact details via the sign-up box (upper right) and we will keep you updated on any future commercial incentives that are available. 

Note: There were 16 solar water heating projects in Canada between 400 m2 in size, up to 840 m2 in size approved under this grant. These were the largest solar water heating projects in Canada.

Of these 16 projects...
....14 projects used Evacuated Tubes,  Latitude51 Solar Supplied one of these projects.
.... the other 2 used Flat Plate collectors.

Please use the sign-up link to leave your email with us. If any of these commercial grants are re introduced in the future, we will let you know.


The USA has many more Green Energy Tax Credit available. The recent announcement of the extension of the 2016 federal tax credit for green energy continues to spur growth in the USA. You can find out more at the US Data Base of State Incentives for Renewable & Efficiency.