Solar Pool Heating - Port Elgin Ontario

From Kevin M. - Port Egin Ontario, solar swimming pool heating


This article is describing a large outdoor solar heated swimming pool.  As you can read from this story a single 30 tube solar collector is helping maintain the pools heating at a very nice 86 Degree F temperature.  If you are heating a swimming pool with gas / propane or electricity you should seriously start thinking about heating the pool with solar.  The payback on solar pool heating is the best you will get.

The text below was sent to us from the pool owner and shows both the layout and the same method of connecting the system into your existing pool heating system.  3 black manual valves is all you need along with some of your time to install it...….


System: 1 x 30 tube Heat Pipe type solar collector, swimming pool solar water heating.  40’ x 20’ (approx. 140,000 liters) with deep end at around 9’ and shallow end 3.5’

".....Yes it is an outdoor pool that we cover with a clear bubble tarp. My experience has been that with the clear pool cover on coupled with the solar tubes, my pool increases approx. 3-4 ‘F over the course of these sunny long days (which are very much predominant this time of year).  At night with the still cover on the temperature drops approx. 1 ‘F.

I initially used the heat pump to supplement the solar tubes to get the mass surrounding the pool up in temperature. Now the pool water temperature just stays around 86 – 88 ‘F. If I find it getting hotter than that I simply leave the cover off for an extended period of time.

Just a side bar and further to the pictures I sent you, I initially did not have enough delta P through the panel and in fact burnt my hand on the panel outlet fittings (they were upwards of 180 ‘F).


The two 1” black handled valves are going into and returning from the solar panel while the black 2” is providing the delta P for flow into the panel. The 2” black valve is on the pump discharge return line back to the pool and I can throttle the 2” valve to increase or decrease flow through the panel...…"