Our Solar Pool Heater are much different than traditional unglazed plastic solar pool collectors. To start with the solar collectors we use are double walled solar vacuum tubes versus plastic PVC piping found in traditional solar pool heaters. While this system is more costly initially it will pay for itself quickly. Here are some of the advantages of our solar pool heaters:

  1. Work on cloudy days - Unlike unglazed plastic pool collectors, vacuum tube water heaters capture all form of solar radiation including direct and indirect. This means that even on cloudy days the solar collectors will be providing heat to the pool.
  2. Not effected by outside temperature - Traditional solar pool heaters only work if the air temperature is warmer than the pool water, otherwise the collectors act as heat sinks and rob the pool from its energy. With solar vacuum tubes, it does not matter what the temperature is. As a matter of fact solar vacuum tubes can heat an indoor pool even at -40!
  3. Not effected by wind conditions - Wind acts like a radiator on a car and removed the heat energy from regular pool collectors. With vacuum tube collectors the pool is not affected at all by any amount of wind!
  4. Does not use pool pump - A closed loop solar pool heater uses a small 40 watt pump to circulate the water. It does not draw any energy from the pool pump. Because the system is in a closed loop there are no gravitational forces to overcome. This is a big cost savings and greatly reduces the stress on a pool pump. With traditional pool heating systems, a pump must lift 50 gallons or more a minute to the roof. Imagine the amount of energy that requires?
  5. No damage from Chlorine - Because our solar pool systems use a heat exchanger, harsh damaging chlorine never enters the solar heating loop. This greatly extends the life of the solar pool heater by as much as 5 times.
  6. Does not break down in sunlight - Sun deteriorates plastic no matter what its chemical makeup. Glass has no effects from sun radiation. So a vacuum tube collector will never break down over time.

So when your old solar mats start to leak, and you are in the market for a new solar pool heater, consider the advantages of upgrading to a vacuum tube solar pool heater. If you have an indoor pool, then you stand to save $1000s annually by heating with solar evacuated tubes even in the dead of winter.

Compare efficiency curves of the various collector technologies to see for yourself which system has the best performance.

Advantages of our Solar Pool Heaters