DL2 datalogger

Monitoring your solar water heating system is a great way to ensure your system is always running at peak performance. It is also a great way to show you friends and family the amount of energy you have saved! ReSol new plat form makes it easier than ever to monitor in real time the performance of your system. You can also look back at historical data to compare the performance on a monthly basis.

How it works

You will need to purchase the DL2 Data Logger which will connect to any ReSol controller via the VBus terminal found in the controller (2 wires). The data logger gathers the parameter values from the controller such as the temperature sensor values and pump and relay performance and via an Ethernet cable will transmit this data to your own private IP address. This address is hosted Free of change on ReSol Data Center servers. Your data can be made public or password protected. This data can be viewed on any PC, Tablet or Smart Phone.

Once you have connected your DL2 Data Logger to the controller and your home router you simply sign in to the free service and provide the unique Token ID code that comes with the data logger. Once the code is verified, the VBus platform will find your data logger and instantly start to transmit the stored data to the server. It is that simple!

The plat form allows you to choose from over 20 standard water heating layouts or you can simply import any custom .jpg or gif image of your system design. Assigning values to the image is as simple as dragging and dropping the value to the image. It is that easy!

Watch this video on to learn more about how the plat form works.