We currently have stock of solar collectors in Vancouver and Edmonton.

We can ship these to anywhere in Canada.

Shipping Costs

Obviously if you pick these up yourself there will be NO shipping costs.

We can either ship these direct to your home or business or we can ship them to a Freight depot in your town. You then collect the pallet from the freight depot. This is often the most cost effective way of shipping.

The Solution

We DO NOT subsidize the shipping cost included in our profit margin. We offer the lowest price for the collectors for people picking them up.

When you come to pick them up can verify everything is intact, and you are more likely to take care in handling them on the way home so you don't damage them. This way you get the best priced collectors we have found any where in Canada.


If you do want to ship these collectors please contact is for a quote.

To find out more about the shipping process, see the the following links to the Knowledge base.

To read about how to ship these collectors Click here.

For information of the size of the collectors Click here.