STSS Large Solar Storage Tanks

Unpressurized Large Solar Tanks

Unpressurized Large Solar Tanks

Our STSS non pressurized solar storage tanks are the most cost-effective means for large solar storage requirements. These tanks are available in sizes ranging from 120 gallons to 5000 gallons. They are made from 2” thick aluminum reinforce polystyrene with a heat loss of under 2 degree's F per day!

They are light weight and modular in construction. This reduces the shipping cost by nearly 1/10 of other large steel tanks. With many sizes to choose STSS tanks are the new standard in affordable commercial solar water heating systems.


  • High temperature EPDM, custom-fit 48 mil polypropylene tank liner
  • 3-year warranty on tank and liner
  • Shipped to any location in a full-frame crate
  • Super-insulated
  • Available in multiple sizes and width to meet any project requirement
  • Flexible to fit your job site
  • Site-assembled with disassembled components able to fit through a standard door

How it works

Multiple internal Coil Configurations

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