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Home and Space Heating Designs using Solar

Nearly 75% of our business is deigning solar Heating Systems for Homes and Shops. In Canada and Northern USA space heating with solar has become very popular. Integrating as solar heating system with an infloor heating system is very popular as is integration with a geothermal heating pump to maximize your investment.

There are a number of articles we have written that will help you understand what needs to be done to heat a home with solar and some of the things you will need to know.

One of the most common questions is "Can I heat my house with one 30 tube collector." The simple answer to this is yes but you will certainly need a primary heater. In most cases it is not practical to design a house around 100% solar heating. However, designing a home that incorporated solar space heating as a energy contribution is certainly practical. What percentage can you hope for in a solar space heating design? This depends on how big the house is, where you live and how well insulated your home is, and how much you want to invest! There are a lot of factors that affect it, you can read some of the information below. Generally, we work with projects that provide on average 20-50% of the space heating requirements from solar. However, we have also worked on large heating projects that supply 100% of the heating demand from solar.

Pool owners and solar space heating - Pool owners have a great advantage when investing in solar as they can design a larger system in the winter to assist with the solar space heating and in the summer time they can dump the excess unused heat into helping to heat their water. Pool owners in Canada and Northern USA should definitely look into solar for both space heating and pool heating.

Home in Big Bar Lake, BC, using solar water heating to help heat the house.

This article describes a home built by someone in Big Bar Lake in BC. Approx 200 kms NW from Kamloops. The homeowner planned right from the start to try and heat the house with solar water Heating.

When trying to incorporate any renewable energy project into a building, it makes more sense to make sure the home is as well insulated and efficient as possible in the first place as this will minimize the non-renewable energy you need to replace. This article describes the system and the house to help other people who are wanting to install solar water heating in the home. Remember that this system will also apply to commercial buildings as well.

Read the article here - solar space heating.

FREE Solar Space Heating Design

FREE Solar Space Heating Design

We use the latest solar engineering software to simulate any solar design. If you would like an accurate solar simulation for space and home heating then email us and we will assist you. Before we can begin we will require a Heat Loss Calculation of your building. This is normally done by a HVAC contractor when sizing a furnace.