From Wayne Larsen - Big Bar Lake, BC
System: 4 x 30 evacuated tube solar collectors, The owner built his own house incorporating energy efficient designs and right from the beginning the plan was to incorportate solar hot water space heating into the design.

"Overall I am very pleased with the components supplied by your company and I have to comment on the level of service provided by Peter Ferlow in Vancouver, Peter went above and beyond any level of customer support I expected.. You may use me as a reference and I will be pleased to show off the system to yourself or your clients."

This house had a 1700 gallon plastic tank placed in the basement while the house was built around it. This tank is heated by the solar hot water system. The homes infloor heating system is preheated by the heat stored in this tank. Even though the climate in this area is very cold in winter, this system proves BC solar is a viable system to use in homes and businesses.

The information provided by this client was detailed in another artcile, which will be found in the Solar School snd linked to here as soon as it is published.

Click here to read the full article on the layout of this house and the solar heating system it has built in.

Big Bar Lake - BC Solar Hot Water System