I purchased a system last fall from Latitude51 Solar, originally thought I would need a 60 tube setup
but have found the 30 tube works just fine for me and my wife even though we have a tree shading
problem around our yard.
I have an on demand modulating Electric water heater tied into the water coming from
a 40 gallon tank heated by the Sun.

During the winter I found that I would easily get 30 degree
water coming from the tank after a days heating and the on demand doing the rest of the heating.
About the middle of march the system began to produce enough hot water that the on demand system wasn't needed any more and even on cloudy days a lot of hot water was produced.
The only problem I encountered was with the soldering that I did myself. I used 1/2 inch
copper pipe and soldered the joints with common solder, make sure and use silver solder as the heat
off the system will melt the common solder and cause leaks (nasty) or better yet use the insulated
stainless pipe you can buy from Latitude51 Solar, its worth it.
My favorite saying to my wife now is WOW! YOUR SHOWER WAS FREE COURTESY OF THE SUN

John Safruk
Wainwright Alberta - June 18th 2011


Solar Hot Water System