Solar Water Heating Controllers

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Temperature sensors for RESol Solar Controllers. PT1000 temperature sensor is reliable up to 300 Degrees C.

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The RESOL controller for standard solar thermal systems. The DeltaSol® BS controller provides a clear operating concept and is equipped with the illuminated combined display with system-monitoring. Flashing symbols for sensors, pumps and valves enable an immediate allocation of temperatures, temperature differences and active actuators. The DeltaSol® BS controller manages...

Solar Controllers

Solar Controllers

There are different types of solar controller detailed here. They are sometimes called "differential solar controllers".

The solar controllers are small electronic boxes that control how a solar water heating system operates. The solar controller decides when to turn on the pump (ie when the collectors on the roof are hot) and then when to turn the pump off, ie when the sun goes down or the sun is not hot enough to add more heat to your water tank.

Besides controlling the main solar pump, the RESOL controllers can do much more. They can also control a second zone such as heating zone by turning on or off a 2nd pump or control valve. All RESOL controllers come with built in Energy Metering, which allow a user to find out exactly how much energy they are saving. This is also a great way to adjust the performance of the system.

RESOL controllers set the standards in solar differential controllers. With over 2,000,000 million installations world wide.

Solar Pool Controllers

For Basic pool heating we use RESOL AL differential solar controller. This controller is a Basic Differential controller which still has important features such as Freeze Protection and Cooling Mode. It also has basic energy metering built into the controller and can be set up to provide the home owner with feed back on the amount of KW hr the solar has produced for pool heating. Unlike the BS controller AL handles only one heating zone. If you require more relay outputs then contact us at 1 800 759 8990 for other controllers.