Resol DeltaSol BS plus - Full Kit

Resol DeltaSol BS plus - Full Kit

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Resol DeltaSol BS plus - Full Kit

The RESOL controller for standard solar thermal systems. The DeltaSol® BS controller provides a clear operating concept and is equipped with the illuminated combined display with system-monitoring. Flashing symbols for sensors, pumps and valves enable an immediate allocation of temperatures, temperature differences and active actuators.

The DeltaSol® BS controller monitors two solar heating zones and assigns priority logic. Details concerning the number of the relays as well as additional functions are shown in the table.


This kit includes:

  • 4 Sensors Pt1000 (2 x FKP6, 2 x FRP6)

This unit is suitable for:

  • Closed loop solar systems
  • Drainback solar systems