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Integrated Solar Tanks - Newsletter 8 Nov 2012

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Latitude51 Solar

Latitude51 Solar


Vancouver Solar Warehouse

In this Issue.
Read below for more info

CSA Approval. Finally we have the paperwork!

NEW - Integrated Solar Tanks. Up to 80 Gallon tank included with Solar Collectors

New Solar Pumps. - A question we get asked all the time. Some info on how to decide on a pump for your solar hot water system.


Special Offer for subscribers only.

We have new stock arriving soon and the need the space in the warehouse.....see below for all details.

  • Fixed price shipping on Integrated Solar Tanks
  • Free shipping on Sorel TDC4 controllers for a limited time
  • Limited stock of 20 tube collectors available - Free shipping


CSA Approval - finally......

We have written before about the nightmare that is the "CSA approval" of solar water heating collectors in Canada. Its not a pretty stort, one which does nothing to help bring down prices for people. (see here for the story).
However we have finally managed to get the right to stick a lable saying "Certified to CSA Standard F378 series 11" on the collectors.

Certified to CSA Standard F378 series 11

What does this mean for you? As for the quality of the collectors, not much, they are the same high quality as before, it just means we paid a ton of money and went through a painfull beauracratic maze to get this sticker and this should now satisfy your plumbing inspector if you install one on your house! This certification applies to all the L51S-30, L51S-20, L51S-10 models.

Read More

Integrated Solar Tanks

These are a great solution for people wanting smaller solar water heating systems, either for offgrid homes and businesses. These solar water heaters come with a built in non pressurised tank which fills with water which the sun then heats using the solar vaccum tubes.

Save $$$

  1. Tank Included
  2. No Pump Needed
  3. No Heat Exchanger Needed

With "normal" solar hot water systems, using the L51S-30, L51S-20, L51S-10 models, the installer needs to find a suitable tank and heat exchanger and build them separately in the house or business. Which this arrangement does have some advantages, it does cost more money and can be more complicated to install.

Integrated Solar Water HeatingTank

These Integrated solar tank collectors come with the tank prebuilt in which simplifies the system greately and it also saves a lot of money. We have brought in two different models.

Integrated Solar Water HeatingTank

For more information on these models please visit the product pages which describes.

For subscribers to this email Only

Model IT300-HP-HXRead More
Model IT200Read More

Special Offer - for email subscribers only

For subscribers to this email only we will ship these items to most major Citys in Canada for a fixed cost of $150 or you can pick it up for free in Vancouver. Delivery will be to a local freight depot in the city where you can pick it up in person. Delivery to a residential home or business is usually possible for an extra charge.

This is for online orders, simply buy the item via the store and then mention in the notes we promised to give you a fixed price shipping charge.

If for whatever reason the shipping company can't deliver it to your address home then we will not process your payment and the order will be cancelled.

We have limited stock of these this offer applies for the first 5 orders made.

These items will be in stock in the next 2 or 3 weeks time. If you order it via the store, your card will not be processed before the items are ready to ship. We will contact you first to arrange delivery .

Solar Pumps for closed loop and drainback systems

We often get asked about solar pumps. We do sell some pump stations and some individual pumps but we also want to help people build their own solar systems for the best possible proces. As such we have put together article describing what pumps you can use and how to design the system for your self.

In the artcle is information on

  • Types of pumps
  • Closed loop and Drainback
  • Material Choise - Brass / Cast Iron or Bronze
  • Pump Sizing
  • Flow Rates

Wilo Pump Head Capacity

Read More



We dare you to find better priced solar systems from anyone else!

More Sale Items below

Latitude51 Solar

Insulated Flexible Stainless Steel Solar Pipe

Designed for quick installation of solar hot water system. This twin flexible steel pipe speeds up the solar installation and provides a much more economical way of running the pipes to and from your roof to the mechanical room.


Contractor Pricing Available

Latitude51 Solar

Solar PV - Including 12V "Offgrid" Panels

Solar PV Panels in Stock for residential and commercial projects.
12 V Offgrid PV panels available
Read here.

$1.27 / Watt

Latitude51 Solar

Sorel Solar Controllers

Universal controller with heat metering and speed control for 22 solar systems with 1-2 collector surfaces and 1-2 solar tanks or swimming pool. Great discounts for installers. While stocks last


Free Shipping

Just order we will ship for free

Latitude51 Solar

20 Tube Collectors - 1 Pallet, Free Shipping

We have limited stock of these left, maybe one pallet load. To be sold as a single order, 1 pallet with 4 or 5 x 20 tube collectors on it (Free Shipping to freight depot in most major citys in Canada. We will confirm availability and shipping desination before taking payment)


Free Shipping



Contact us now if you install or supply solar products to your clients. Latitude51 Solar or


More Power, More Heat, More Choice, Better Pricing!

Supplies of flexible solar pipe, evacuated tube solar collectors, PV Panels, pump stations Solar Energy Monitoring
30 Tube Collectors Solar PV Pump Stations Piping
Pricing Yes!Best Prices in Canada Yes!US Pricing in BC Yes!Best Prices in Canada Yes!Best Prices in Canada

Yes!Angled Frame Included

Different Sizes

Yes!From $1.27/watt

MC4 Connectors

Yes!Videos and Photos for clients.

Closed loop or Drainback

Yes!Pre Insulated

Flexible Stainless

Location Yes!Vancouver or Edmonton Yes!Vancouver Yes!Vancouver Yes!Vancouver or Calgary
Delivery Yes!Yes Yes!Yes Yes!Yes Yes!Yes
Systems in stock in Vancouver BC. Some systems available in Alberta  -----
Latitude51 Solar

Commercial Solar Systems

Commercial Solar water heating is one of, if not the best investment in your business. It makes sense not just on a financial basis but as great advertising for your business. References
Latitude51 Solar

Videos about Solar Systems

We have uploaded a number of videos to educate clients about solar hot water systems. A number of people install systems themselves however many wish professional contractors to install them Commercial Solar
Latitude51 Solar

References - Descriptions and Photos of projects

Read how our systems have had great reviews from people all over Canada. See descriptions of their systems and information on how they are working well in all climates. References


Live Solar Energy Montitoring Systems

in Calgary and Vancouver

Show off the systems you install with solar energy montioring systems. Live data for your clients to view, post to your clients Facebook Page. These energy monitors will monitor Solar PV and Solar HW at the same time. See website for details

The live data can be viewed on this page. Solar Energy Monitoring - This page can take a while to load sometimes, depends how many people are viewing it. If it seems to hang up. Click to stop the page loading and it usually opens OK.

Solar Energy Monitoring




Contact us now if we install or supply solar products to your clients. or

Buy now!

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