30 Tube Solar Collector
  • 30 Tube Solar Collector
  • 30 Tube Solar Collector
  • 30 Tube Solar Collector
  • 30 Tube Solar Collector
  • 30 Tube Solar Collector

30 Tube Solar Collector

List Price:USD$ 1,337
Our Price : USD$ 1,211
(Excl. tax)
SKU: N-259
Highest 30 tube solar vacuum tube rating in North America
Notes: Tested and Conforms to CSA Standard F378.8 and SRCC OG100
Notes: Roof Mounting brackets included in price
Warranty: 10 Years

Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors

These solar collectors have 30 high power evacuated tubes. The 30 tube collector comes included in the price 6 mounting brackets to securely fasten to the roof. If you need to adjust the angle of the collector then you can order the adjustable mounting kit sold separately.

This will provide hot water for a normal house with between 1 and 3 people in it, depending on the amount of water you use in your household. Recommended tank size approx 80-120 Gallons PER 30 tube collector.

Included in the Price

Roof or Wall Mounting brackets (optional adjustable frame can be purchased separately)

These collectors are ideal for a number of purposes.

Can be linked in series to make bigger systems for people with larger houses or for commercial applications, or for people that wish to make a larger percentage of their annual hot water with solar.
Space Heating - when used in larger systems, multiple collectors can be used to assist in heating both residential and commercial buildings.

SunRain Evacuated Tubes are the most powerful SRCC tubes in North America!


2200 Watts Maximum Output
Ideal for cold Climates
Works in cloud cover
10 Year Warranty
SRCC certified water heating collectors
1" FPT connections


Specification Heating Series Heat Pipe
Heating Series Heat Pipe
Number of tubes 20 30
Frame & manifold Aluminium Aluminium
Heating type Copper Heat Pipe Copper Heat Pipe
Lenth of Tube 1800mm 1800mm
OD of tube 58 mm 58 mm
ID of tube 50 mm 50 mm
Glass Thickness 2 mm 2 mm
Water Capacity 1.8 L (.4 gallons) 2.6 L (.6 gallons)
Weight dry 175lbs 220lbs
Weigh Wet 180 lbs 230 lbs
Max BTU/HR 5000 BTU/hr 7,517 BTU/hr
Pressure 116 psi 116 psi
Glass Vacuum Material Borosilicate glass Borosilicate glass
Vacuum P<5x10 -3 PA P<5x10 -3 PA
Frame Included Included
Warranty 10 years 10 years