1 Inch Flexible Twin Solar Pipe, 2 x 50ft Roll
  • 1 Inch Flexible Twin Solar Pipe, 2 x 50ft Roll
  • 1 Inch Flexible Twin Solar Pipe, 2 x 50ft Roll

3/4 Inch Insulated Flexible Twin Solar Pipe w/Data Cable, 2x 50ft Roll

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Fast & Flexible

3/4 Inch Insulated Flexible Twin Solar Pipe w/Data Cable, 2x 50ft Roll

Designed for quick installation of solar hot water system. This flexible stainless steel solar pipe speeds up the solar installation and provides a much more economical way of running the pipes to and from your roof to the mechanical room. This flexible solar pipe is an affordable way of making your solar installation more professional and leak free!

The flexible stainless steel pipe comes complete with sensor wire for connecting thermal probe at the collector. Complete with 3/4" EPDM insulating rubber. 2 Lines (supply and return) of 50' include per box 100' total.


Flexible stainless steel solar pipe OD 3/4" (nominal 5/8")
Dual Coil (supply and return line) included 50 feet each
UV Resistant protective coating
Built in sensor wire for solar collector temperature probe.
3/4" Thick High Temp EPDM Solar Insulation
High R Value - 7.5

Important Note: High Temperature Seals

Please note, we thought about getting the type of connection that does not need a tool to make the flat seal end on the steel tube. The "tool less" type of connection use 2 spanners/wrenches that screw the connection together and compress a silicone seal onto the Flexible steel tube.

However these types of connectors use a silicone seal o-ring which can get damaged easily. Also the silicone seals might not be rated to as high a temperature as the the High Temp washers we include, +350 Deg C.

If you don't think you need such a high temperature rating, please note the Evacuated tube collectors we sell have a Stagnation temperature of 270 Deg C. If your electricity goes off in August and the solar pump stops working for an hour or two, the system will stagnate and the Glycol/Water Mixture in the collector header can approach 270 C. The gaskets at the collector need to handle this type of temperature.

flexible solar pipe installation
flexible solar pipe installation


Physical Size

Size: 50ft Length ( 2 x 50ft lengths)

Approx Weight: 12Kgs

Nominal dimension: 5/8" OD=3/4"

Insulation Properties

Closed Cell Elastomerer, EPDM

Temperature Range: -50DegC to +150 DegC

Water Vapour Permeability: >3000

Thermal Conductivity: W/(m.K)

  • 0 DegC: 0.034
  • 24 DegC = 0.037
  • 32 DegC = 0.038
  • 40 DegC = 0.039


  • UV Resistant Material
  • Tough external Coating to protect from Birds.

Temperature Sensor Wire

Operating range: -100DegC to +300 DegC

Copper Wire: 0.75mm2

Silicon Insulation

Voltage: 300/500 V

Electrical Resistance: 23 Ohm/km

Stainless Steel Pipe

This is a nominal 5/8" 304 Steel, this is the sort of steel that is used in Cooking pans, sinks, fridges, tabletops etc. This type of steel is one of the most frequently used types of steel. It is used widely in food processing equipment, in particular in the brewing industry for beer and wine. In short it is used a lot and is good for fluid applications.